Quinta da Renda

Marco de Canaveses, Portugal

  • Year: 2002-2009
  • Client: Private
  • Area: 625 m² (2.691 sqft)
  • Location: Marco de Canaveses, Portugal
  • Floors above ground: 2
  • Category: Residential
Renda is a villa located in Marco de Canaveses, on a piece of land bounded by a stone masonry wall, which, being usual in this area, assumes a rural reminiscence. The project was based on the expansion and rehabilitation of the existing building, creating a house with contemporary living conditions and, at the same time, the ability to support agricultural activity.

The new building is characterized by a rectangular plan and, together with the pre-existing deployments, draws an "H". This new layout creates two exterior spaces framed between the two deployments, which resemble interior patios but are open on one side. The pre-existing construction was altered in its internal organization, as well as in the fenestrations design, that allow a better adaptation to the new program and a smoother integration in the proposed set.

The adopted approach not only allows a better integration of the volumes on the land, but also enables the autonomization of buildings of distinct eras, which have different construction systems.