People-centric architecture. Since 1994.

About us

A company dedicated to developing architecture, urbanism, and design projects worldwide since 1994.

In the last 30 years, we have been developing projects of different scales and in the most diverse architecture segments, such as commercial, corporate, residential, hospitality, industrial, healthcare, mobility and urban space. Combining a solid experience with ongoing research and innovation, we are committed to pursuing integrated and sustainable solutions through strategic planning. Our mission is to improve people’s lives through architecture, allowing meaningful interactions between them and their surrounding space.


The solution is our focus. It lives naturally in our work approach, the relationships we build, and the expectations we create.

The only limitation is your imagination

We are aware of all the variables that a project implies – deadlines, budgets, and functional, aesthetic, and emotional requirements – and we treat them with imagination, refusing the obvious and the good enough.


The value of our projects is reflected in their conceptual richness, in the sophistication of their implementation, and, above all, in user experience, improving the lives of those who use them.

Life at Ventura + Partners

The well-being of our employees is a top priority. We are constantly looking for new ways of making our spaces more comfortable, and perfect for socialization and moments of relaxation.

Team spirit is part of Ventura + Partners’ DNA. Thus, we often organise events and team building activities, in line with our relaxed and dynamic organizational culture.

Knowing that sports and nature are fundamental allies of mental health and, consequently, productivity, we practice the motto “healthy mind in a healthy body”, promoting regular sports activities, such as futsal, cycling and hiking, as well as permanent contact with the outdoors.