Tenente Espanca

Lisbon, Portugal

  • Year: 2018
  • Client: PT Imobiliária, S.A.
  • Area: 2.956,71 m² (31.825,76 ft²)
  • Floors above ground: 6
  • Floors below ground: 3
  • Location: Lisbon, Portugal
  • Category: Residential

With distinctive interior design, state-of-the-art technology and luxurious finishes, Tenente Espanca residences will provide Bairro de Londres with a new lifestyle. The objective is to meet the requirements of a contemporary family house, through the rehabilitation and adaptation of the existing building.

The proposal maintains the same gross areas for each floor, except in the last one, where the technical areas were used for the development of the housing program. The Tenente Espanca Street facade was the subject of a requalification study and hence some openings were introduced, adapted to the new use of the building.

The project is structured around an existing vertical core of stairs and two elevators, having three parking basements, the ground floor – dedicated to commerce and services – and five floors consisting of 11 apartments of typologies T1 to T4.