Porto, Portugal

  • Year: 2016
  • Client: Arménio Duarte & Filhos - Construções, Lda.
  • Area: 2235 m²
  • Location: Porto, Portugal
  • Category: Residential
The program consists of 6 single family houses, from three to four-bedrooms typologies, associated in a row. The houses are structured vertically with a common basement, a ground floor, first and second floors. It’s important to mention that two of those houses contain elevators.

The project was defined in order to maintain the existing green space, in respect to a careful landscape arrangement that benefits the architectural set.

The building was conceived as a structure of paths between the interior and exterior. This way the volume exposes the relations between the various elements that constitute the architectural object, namely the walls, pavements, volumes, textures, colors and light effects.

The materials will be used according to their specific nature and in a sense of proper articulation with the individuality that is intended to be assigned to each of the elements that define the building. Thus, the colors and textures will be worked in order to obtain a great aesthetic unit and a better integration of the whole.

The access to each dwelling is therefore customized with a set of blades and openings framing the entrance into a private outdoor space. The transposition between the entrance of the complex and the threshold of each house is meant to be taken in different stages.

The dividing walls between houses will be extended, defining reserved areas in the ground floor at the back of the building while also expanding the common room.

In the basement we’ll find the garage, storage, laundry, toilet and a small patio while on the ground floor is the kitchen, pantry, bathroom and a living room facing the patio.

On the first floor there are two-bedroom suites, one facing northeast and the other facing south-west, served by a balcony. In the second floor two rooms are organized by terraces and one bathroom.