Vila nova de Gaia, Portugal

  • Year: 2004-2008
  • Client: Prata e Filhos, Lda
  • Area: 13840 m²
  • Location: Vila nova de Gaia, Portugal
  • Category: Residential
This project, located near the Granja beach, is surrounded by four to five-storey residential buildings. With one to four-bedroom typologies the building is exclusively residential except for the basement floors where we can find the technical areas and the car park. This u-shaped building has an interior private garden area.

Due to its complexity, the project was divided into two different phases so we chose a modular solution for the glass bricked façades. The main façade is facing the sea and surrounded by generously sized balconies, also covered in glass brick. The façade that is facing the interior of the block is covered in marble slabs and the windows are framed in horizontally organized volumes lined with aluminium panels.

The whole building rests on a wood-clad base that surrounds the terraces of the ground floor dwellings. The fourth floor also provides access to private terraces as this floor is set back from the rest.