Porto, Portugal

  • Year: 1999-2000
  • Client: Abílio de Sá - empreendimentos Imobiliários, S.A.
  • Area: 21.923 m² (235.977 sqft)
  • Location: Porto, Portugal
  • Floors below ground: 2
  • Floors above ground: 8
  • Category: Residential
The Aliança Building was created through the rehabilitation of the former Aliança Cookies Factory, as a tribute to its industrial heritage. The implantation results from the block’s reinterpretation, creating two parallel buildings which relate in different ways to the street. Consisting of a round vault with a two-floor height and aluminum blades, the architectural expression of the roof not only solves the insertion problem of the service areas but also gives the building a unique identity from the aesthetic point of view.