15 Novembro

Porto, Portugal

  • Year: 1998-2000
  • Client: Costa Pinto Construções, Lda.
  • Area: 2.028 m² (21.829 sqft)
  • Location: Porto, Portugal
  • Floors above ground: 4
  • Floors below ground: 2
  • Category: Residential
This residential and commercial building - of 10 apartments and 1 commercial unit - is located near Av. da Boavista, which is one of the main arteries of Porto city.

The east side of the building is turned into the interior of the block, where reminiscences of the working districts, constructed at the beginning of the XX century, remain. The housing program is developed along 5 floors above the ground and 2 underground floors.

Due to the characteristics of the terrain, the apartments have been designed to take advantage of it, presenting two distinct zones that develop in an uneven way - the social area and the rooms area.

This building is organized around a core of stairs and lifts, and have two apartments per floor divided into 2 and 3-bedroom typology. The duplexes are located at the ground floor and 1st basement endowing them with private terraces facing east. The main entrance is located at the west façade as well as the commercial space. This façade is composed of a wooden base, on which a three-dimensional frame stands and defines the exterior openings. A solar protection aluminium blades set unifies the whole and provides texture to the building. The two rooms located on the top floor apartment have access to a terrace facing the west façade while patios establish a separation between private and social areas.