Offices and Headquarters

Critical Tecmaia

Maia, Portugal

  • Year: 2013-2014
  • Client: Vilabela - Gestão E Investimentos Imobiliarios Lda.
  • Area: 1.936,00 m² (20.838,93 ft²)
  • Number of floors above ground: 1 (+ mezzanine)
  • Location: Maia, Portugal
  • Category: Offices and Headquarters

The project for the new facilities of Critical Software at TecMaia was based on a partial reconversion of the genesis building. Taking into account the project’s characteristics and the degradation of some structures, a number of elements were demolished, while others were repaired, consolidated and integrated into the new building.

The new office consists of a large ground floor and a mezzanine level, creating three main areas: two dedicated to workspaces and a third that houses support facilities such as meeting rooms and auditoriums, among others. The predominantly white finishes confer neutrality and sobriety to the space and are punctually contrasted with chromatic notes of blue and red in details and furniture, resulting in two workspaces that are both cohesive and distinct. Thanks to glass skylights, these work areas benefit from a generous and homogeneous distribution of natural light.

Carefully designed details – such as the elegant spiral staircase leading to the mezzanine or the sofa modules strategically distributed throughout the spaces – give the office a unique identity that promotes the creative freedom necessary to innovate.