Maia, Portugal

  • Year: 2017
  • Client: Cidade Praia Inv. Imobiliários, S.A.
  • Area: 3.029,70m² (32.611,42 ft²)
  • Number of floors above ground: 2
  • Location: Maia, Portugal
  • Category: Industrial

The project presents the new Scania facilities - a two-story building consisted of workshop, shop and offices. The ground floor is where are located the reception, waiting room, several offices, back-office, storage areas, workshop and sanitary facilities.

The access to the upper floor is made by the main staircase, located at the reception. On the first floor there are four offices, meeting rooms, meal area, sanitary facilities, locker rooms, archive area, technical zone, warehouse, compressor room and a small auditorium for staff training. The proposal has 15 parking spaces for light vehicles - two of them are for disabled users - and 77 parking spaces for heavy-duty vehicles.

The building was designed as a unitary ensemble taking account of the specific nature of the materials that comprise it - namely the lacquered galvanized steel and polycarbonate facade.