Offices and Headquarters


Maia, Portugal

  • Year: 2017-2018
  • Client: Vilabela - Gestão E Investimentos Imobiliarios Lda.
  • Area: 4.940,00 m² (53.173,72 ft²)
  • Location: Maia, Portugal
  • Category: Offices and Headquarters

The space destined to the new Infineon facilities was developed in an industrial building, located in Tecmaia (Science and Technology Park of Maia). This project’s great ambition was the creation of a spacious and organized working environment, where natural light was a constant. The building’s interior has been fully intervened, in order to adapt it to the needs of a constantly evolving office.

On the ground floor, there is an imposing open space, which accommodates 450 workplaces and aims to encourage interpersonal relationships. In addition to all the cabinets and support rooms that define the borders with the common areas and circulation zones, small "cubes" emerge along the space. These boxes serve a visual purpose - sculpting the office’s personality and introducing dynamism and color - but also functional, as they allow for quick meetings and telephone conversations without disturbing the surrounding workplaces.

Circulations kept their original trace: the six-meter room's height and the industrial lights were maintained, with the intention of reinterpreting and respecting the old use. The "tunnels" of light and the existing lanterns were also mostly kept according to the original design, allowing a more constant illumination and a greater amplitude across the space.

On the first floor, existing mezzanines were reformulated and new ones were created to offer about 30 meeting rooms – dynamic spaces that, through the use of folding door systems, allow the rooms’ capacity to be adjusted.

On the exterior, the original appearance of the building was respected and the plate coating was kept. However, in order to ensure a better environment, some openings have been created, which, in a clear and rhythmic manner, enhance the building’s interior spatial quality.

To the south, the volume of the building has been enlarged to allow the creation of a dining area, supported by an outdoor garden area, ideal for moments of pause and relaxation.

This project translates the adaptation of a building with an industrial history into a versatile, adaptable, large-scale office environment, with brightness and elegance.