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What We Do

Designing beyond style or trend we believe in distinctiveness on a global world with different markets.
Combining consistent experience with research and innovation we maintain a solid commitment with integrated, sustainable solutions and strategic planning.


We are focused on our clients' culture, mission, values and purposes. Working on that basis, we plan and design environments that meet their goals in terms of business success and in the definition of architecture standards that support structures able to shelter people's daily lives while working, learning and living.

Urban Design

We apply experience and emergent technics to the qualification of urban design, defining urban structures to improve daily life. We work simultaneously with various stakeholders representing the different sectors of the city including its administration in an integrated and collaborative planning process.


We approach design interiors based on the connectivity of form and space, structure and technology, in an inclusive way, aiming for a coherent effective and pleasing result.

Workplace Consultancy

To upgrade workplace environments and layouts we focus on the relationship between work necessities and existing space, in order to establish real spatial needs and improve safety and comfort at work as well as productivity.

Project Management

We apply our knowledge, tools and techniques in our work, serving a wide range of fields of expertise. We embrace with professionalism and dedication the whole process of directing and controlling each project from the project conception to the completion of the work.

Design Communication

We collaborate with our clients to develop communication strategies in-line with business goals. Whether it is a work developed internally with our team or a direct response to the requests and needs of our clients, we aim for creative solutions communicating captivating messages, achieving the best results.