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Anywhere : newsletter


Anywhere was Ventura + Partners's internal newsletter which, between March and July 2020, aimed to bring the entire team together in a common project and shorten distances between employees during the Covid-19 lockdown. The compilation of the 19 editions of the newsletter is now presented as an editorial project in its own right. All editions are revisited and reinterpreted through an interconnection of arts – fundamental to architecture – which, in an age of closed doors, reminds us of the importance of culture as a way of getting to know the world. The project also features a final edition. Symbolically, the number 20 takes stock and ends 2020, a year of challenges, teachings and constant readaptations.

Language English, Portuguese
Publisher Ventura + Partners
Published 2020 (mar.-jul./dez. 2020) / 2020 (Mar.-Jul./Dec. 2020)
Binding Paperback
Size 210 x 280 mm
Pages 270