S. Félix Marinha I

Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal

  • Year: 2004-2010
  • Client: Private
  • Area: 989 m² (10.645,51ft²)
  • Construction area above ground: 720 m² (7.750,02ft²)
  • Number of floors above ground: 2
  • Construction area above ground: 269 m² (2.895,49ft²)
  • Number of floors below ground: 2
  • Awards: International Architecture Awards 2011 - Best New Global Design

  • Location: Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal
  • Category: Residential

Winner of the “International Architecture Awards for Best New Global Design” in 2011, S. Félix da Marinha is a house whose identity is based on the concentration of the housing program. Dematerialized by the articulation of volumes, materials and textures – that exalt the different natures of the program and adapt them to the site’s characteristics – this concentration in height not only allows to take advantage of the sea view but also releases terrain for the owners’ usufruct.

On the ground floor are the main social spaces of the house, extended to the exterior by an expressive patio that serves as an intermediary between the garden and an indoor swimming pool, integrated in an annex. The landscape is glimpsed through wide openings that extend the interior boundaries beyond its borders. The first floor gives place to the most private areas, structured according to the familiar hierarchy and use.

The building was conceived as an organism inducing pathways between interior and exterior, in order to expose the result of the relations between the various elements that constitute the construction. The house also combines several colors, materials and textures that coexist in harmony, through an intuitive design enriched by natural light.