Quinta Vilarinha

Porto, Portugal

  • Year: 2010
  • Client: Amiclas - Empreend. Turísticos e Imobiliários, Lda.
  • Area: 1.723 m² (18.546 sqft)
  • Location: Porto, Portugal
  • Floors above ground: 3
  • Floors below ground: 1
  • Category: Residential
Located in one of the most noble areas of the city of Porto in a terrain facing west, these 3 single-family houses are joined together into a row. The volume, built parallel to the street, is composed by 1 underground floor plus 3 aboveground floors. The upper floor does not occupy the whole area, allowing the design of an exterior private terrace.
The building is located at the highest part of the terrain referring to the street level, ensuring greater freedom of openings to the exterior and formally characterized by a parallelepiped volume, balanced 1.40 meters to the west over the volume of the ground floor. The lining of the volume combines aluminium panels and white reinforced concrete panels at the top, with solid wood slats on the bottom which intensifies the visual unity of the whole.
From a functional point of view, the program is distributed over the 4 floors. At the basement floor we’ll find the garage, storage rooms, technical areas, laundry with outdoor drying area and support compartments, as well as a recreational area connecting to a patio. At the ground floor, are located the social compartments as kitchen, living and dining room endowed with a strong connection with the outdoor garden. The first floor holds the private area consisting of 2-bedroom suites and a main suite with special features and larger dimensions. On the 2nd floor the program assumes a more exclusive character materializing in a suite with a private living room and terrace. These spaces, fully open to the east and west sides, allow the full enjoyment of the view over the park and ocean.