Quinta Vila Boa de Arufe

Arufe, Portugal

  • Year: 2017
  • Client: Geosil - Empreendimentos Agrosilvícolas, S.A.
  • Area: 1.120 m² (12.056 sqft)
  • Floors above ground: 2
  • Location: Arufe, Portugal
  • Category: Residential
Sprawling over 2.090.940 m2, “Quinta de Vila Boa de Arufe” is constituted by a set of three buildings dating from the 19th and 20th century, dedicated to livestock. The present project proposes the rehabilitation and conversion of the main building into a single-family dwelling and the demolition of the remaining two.

The architectural proposal for the building – which has 19th century neoclassical facades – presents a program consisting of two floors above the ground. The former expansion area is not very relevant and is fully integrated into the existing volume. The project aims to preserve the building's construction systems as much as possible: the most relevant elements are preserved in order to maintain the identity of the house and to enhance its current architectural features.

Regarding the program distribution, common spaces take place on the ground floor, while the resting area will be implemented on the first floor. In the surroundings of the building there is a new outdoor living / leisure space – hitherto non-existent on the site – marked by a camellia plantation.