Monte Penedo

Maia, Portugal

  • Year: 2015
  • Client: Vilabela - Gestão E Investimentos Imobiliarios Lda.
  • Area: 1.610 m² (17.330 sqft)
  • Location: Maia, Portugal
  • Floors above ground: 3
  • Floors below ground: 1
  • Category: Residential
Monte Penedo houses present the same architectural language in order to maintain the same relation with the street and to provide a unique identity and aesthetically balanced relations. Our aim was to conciliate current housing needs and issues with specific site conditions by designing a building that offers people a sense of identity and community.

This three-storey volume is divided into 11 housing units. Each house has an individual entrance and independent private parking access. This space is intended primarily as a privileged place to park family vehicles, but it may also have several uses. Simultaneously, the elegant design extends through the covered access to the dwelling. The entrance of each house was the space chosen by the architect Manuel Ventura to place a sculpture by Paulo Neves.

The houses have balconies on the top floor, along their facades. It was also chosen to incorporate architectural elements that constitute solar protections to the setting sun. On the west side the houses also have gardens and patios for the private use of the inhabitants.

The almost three-meter-high walls and entrance gates guarantee the security of the access, but also build up an imposing scale to the complex.

All building elements are related and together they define the architectural environment as a concept, in a combination of light, textures and materials.

The attention given to the detail in the design of these houses, as well as the connection between life and art, guarantee the identity and originality of this architectural ensemble.