Foz do Douro, Porto, Portugal

  • Year: 2010-2014
  • Client: Private
  • Area: 1.457,55 m² (15.688,93 ft²)
  • Number of floors above ground: 3
  • Construction area below ground: 52,95 m² (569,94 ft²)
  • Number of floors below ground: 1
  • Awards: Muse Design Awards 2019 - Platinum Winner - Architectural Design - Residential

  • Location: Foz do Douro, Porto, Portugal
  • Category: Residential
Foz House is a historical residence on which documents dated from the 17th century are known. The challenge was to adapt the existing building to the daily life of a new family, with the least possible impact on the former house. The subject of the most extensive intervention was the main building, which presented a very poor state of conservation. The back of the volume was demolished, and the second floor was transformed into a copper-coated volume that reinterprets the dignity of the original building. Fully rehabilitated, the house respects and magnifies its cultural and historical past.