Offices and Headquarters

Ventura + Partners

Porto, Portugal

  • Year: 2009-2010
  • Client: Ventura + Partners
  • Area: 678 m² (7.297 sqft)
  • Location: Porto, Portugal
  • Floors below ground: 1
  • Floors above ground: 2
  • Category: Offices and Headquarters
Ventura + Partners headquarters are located in a mixed-use building (housing and services) in the heart of Porto, and are developed in four floors that correspond to different areas: production and management, administration, lounge / showroom and terrace.

The intervention in pre-existing fractions sought to increase the spaces to make the most of its formal distribution and natural light. The chosen materials for the interior correspond to the typology and working dynamics of each one of the sectors, with special attention paid to acoustics and comfort. The use of white as dominant color and as finishing of all interior vertical plans and carpentry is common to all spaces. An anthracite carpet was applied on the open spaces’ floor, in contrast to the oak floor applied in the fifth floor. Vertical circulation spaces and their vestibules were coated with stainless steel panels on the floors, walls and ceilings.

As a result we find a consistent and comfortable space with unique architectural details, where harmony and spatial fluidity give their users a pleasant space, that leads to creativity and interaction between teams working there daily.