Offices and Headquarters

Primavera Building

Braga, Portugal

  • Year: 2008-2010
  • Client: Dynamic Force, Lda.
  • Area: Construction area above ground: 10 666,00 m² (114 807,85 sqft)
    Underground construction area: 8 318,00 m² (89 534,20 sqft)
    Deployment area: 4 580,00 m² (49 298,70 sqft)
  • Number of floors in subsoil: 2
  • Number of floors above ground: 9
  • Parking spaces underground: 291
  • Workstations: 274
  • Awards: World Architecture Festival 2010 - Shortlisted Practice

  • Location: Braga, Portugal
  • Category: Offices and Headquarters

Awarded in the World Architecture Festival, Primavera Building consists of two structures of contrasting shapes – interlaced by a flap that confers unity to the whole –, existing in full harmony with the surrounding road network.

The highest volume stands out not only for its height but also for its bold approach to the coating used for the structure: a film formed by small sheets of glass, which visually blends the balconies and assumes itself as an outer skin. The cover of the smaller structure features a set of conical lanterns that illuminate the commercial spaces inside. The concrete flap common to both bodies is covered by a vegetal cover, which accomplishes the integration of the great mass that occupies the whole body.

The interior is designed to inspire and stands out for its color harmony, comfort, symmetrical layout of spaces and ergonomic materials. The internal dynamics are reflected in the organization of spaces, which were designed for employees to use them more casually or formally, according to their needs. In this sense, the office combines traditional workspaces with relaxation and recreational areas, proving that routine does not have to be monotonous.