Offices and Headquarters

Deloitte Digital Lisboa

Lisbon, Portugal

  • Year: 2015-2017
  • Client: Deloitte
  • Area: 1.867,00 m² (20.096,20 sqft)
  • Location: Lisbon, Portugal
  • Floors: 2
  • Workstations: 206
  • Parking spaces: 123
  • Awards: Architizer A+Awards 2019. Popular Choice. Commercial - Office Interiors (<25.000 sq ft.) category.

  • Category: Offices and Headquarters
Providing comfort, quality and new technological solutions to professionals, clients and visitors was the inherent goal of Deloitte’s Lisbon office design.

Constituted by different spaces based on the development of distinct environments, the building stands out for its idiosyncratic architectural features, sophisticated interior design, and a markedly technological character. The reception area is connected to a lounge area which, through the display of multimedia content, involves visitors in an immersive environment of technological modernity.

The attention to detail is at the basis of the whole construction, reflected not only in the selection and combination of different chromatic options and materials but also in the furniture’s scrupulous design. The spaces’ versatility and adaptability were also dominant factors common to all parts of the building, resulting in flexible and customized solutions. The goal was to provide employees with a pleasant and inspiring environment, which allows them to respond to requests from customers seeking the services provided by Deloitte.