Silo Hotel

Porto, Portugal

  • Year: 2012
  • Client: Private
  • Area: 12.158 m² (130.868 sqft)
  • Floors above ground: 8
  • Rooms: 164
  • Location: Porto, Portugal
  • Category: Hospitality
The Silo-Auto, a nine-storey building dating from 1954, located in downtown Porto, operates mostly as a multi-level car park with a total of 804 spaces.

In order to streamline the building and reply to the needs of accommodation in the city-center, this proposal aims to host a Hotel Unit, with SPA and multipurpose meeting rooms. Therefore, we made a different proposal with particular importance in the public domain of the city of Porto due to the impact on two main aspects, namely: the socio-economic aspect, for being a unit that provides for the creation of multiple jobs; and the urban / architectural aspect as a question of revitalizing an emblematic building of the city that until now has not been the object of significant interventions that aim to promote its potential and / or pre-existing architectural heritage.

The adaptation of the existing building to the requirements of the new program was one of the challenges. Its program includes 164 accommodation units, SPA, gym, multi-purpose meeting rooms and support areas for accommodation units, spread over seven floors.