Senhor D'Além Hotel

Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal

  • Year: 2013
  • Client: Sopro Atlântico, Lda
  • Area: 5.524 m² (59.460 sqft)
  • Location: Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal
  • Floors above ground: 8
  • Floors below ground: 1
  • Rooms: 68
  • Category: Hospitality
Senhor D'Além is a four-star hotel unity located on the Serra do Pilar escarpment, in Vila Nova de Gaia, on two terrains interspersed by a public staircase. The building was conceived from a set of ruins with patrimonial and archaeological value. Having passed through several owners, Senhor do Além, currently in ruins, was a ware factory active until 1920.

We didn’t want to transform the project into a Museum Hotel, so we took advantage of the added value of the previous occupations. The project maintains the ruin’s volumetry, as an icon of the existing landscape, and takes advantage of some elements of archaeological value, such as tanks, mills, the furnace and its chimneys and some architectural elements of interest, such as arches and stairs.

The project takes advantage of the unevenness of the escarpment between Cabo Simão Street and the lower platform, defining a building behind the existing wall. Seen from the street, this one presents itself as a base on which the two floors are built that will make possible the accesses required by the present program. The existing stairways are redesigned from the street to the river dock, allowing the passage between the two volumes through platforms as well as ensuring several accesses to the exterior.