Quinta do Vale

Castro Marim, Portugal

  • Year: 2007
  • Client: 4 SUN
  • Area: 10.429 m² (112.256,80 sqft)
  • Location: Castro Marim, Portugal
  • Floors below ground: 1
  • Floors above ground: 2
  • Rooms: 57
  • Category: Hospitality
The complex is located in a tourism urbanization, in Algarve, very close to the right bank of the Guadiana. The modulation of the terrain is defined as a promontory, with slopes facing the golf course. All roads were designed to adapt to the existing topography while minimizing the impact on the landscape.

In the central higher area, defined by the access roads, are located the various facilities that serve the tourist village such as an indoor and outdoor pools, football and tennis courts and restaurant / reception. The 57 villas are distributed along the internal roads in order to enjoy the different topographic conditions. On the lower floor, the volumes are covered with stone, while in the upper elements are plastered and painted in the porch wood color, in order to favor a greater integration with the natural shades of the landscape.

The villas are distributed over two floors. In the first floor we find the social program such as living room, kitchen, laundry and sanitary facilities. In the lower floor are located the rooms and a multifunctional office. Some villas include a basement with supporting compartments such as games room and storage room facing an English courtyard garden.