Nautic Native Hotel

Matosinhos, Portugal

  • Year: 2013
  • Client: Nautic Native Hotels, Lda
  • Area: 15.080 m² (162.319 sqft)
  • Floors above ground: 6
  • Floors below ground: 3
  • Rooms: 106
  • Location: Matosinhos, Portugal
  • Category: Hospitality
This project foresees the construction of a four-star hotel unity with 106 accommodation units, SPA and Gym that will serve the guests and the general public. The building plot location and its historical heritage were two factors that decisively influenced the building’s design. The strong connection to the sea and the canning industry determined a design marked by a strong note of contemporaneity and a symbolism that, in reinterpreting the memory of the place, aims to contribute to the future image of Matosinhos city.

The buried part of the building – where the entrance of the Hotel, SPA and Gym are located – is a regular volume, which contours the terrain boundaries, allowing a clear relation between the building and the surrounding public space. The project provides a total of 143 parking spaces and the access to the various floors in the basement is guaranteed by an interior ramp.

Supported by three columns of vertical circulation that emerge from the underground level, a levitating organic figure seems to defy the sea. This organic form is exalted by its outer coating in corrugated stainless steel, as a protective skin, which through the rhythmic perforation allows to filter the sunlight into the rooms.