Health and Education

Oran Anti-Cancer Center

Oran, Algeria

  • Year: 2014
  • Client: Min. Défense Nationale Rep. Algérienne
  • Area: Hospital area: 14190 m²
    Technical area: 4550 m²
    Bed capacity: 76
  • Location: Oran, Algeria
  • Category: Health and Education

With an important and functional relationship, the Anti-Cancer Center is a complementary building to the main hospital complex. The designed building consists of four floors above ground and two floors below ground, which implementation occupies a considerable area of the building plot – with about 7.290 m².

The proposed building is characterized by its monolithic shape, which translates into a parallelepiped body covered in glass and glazed ceramic tiles, placed on a flat and horizontal white concrete base that is embedded in the ground. These two elements are separated by an entirely technical stage – whose facade is entirely covered by an aluminium grid – that separates the outpatient program from the surgical program and hospital accommodation, transmitting the lightness effect of the upper block.

The Anti-Cancer Center project consists of an affirmative building - with its own identity - translated into a technological and contemporary center, with a strong impact on the entire hospital complex.