Health and Education

Nefrodouro Dialysis Clinic

Santa Maria de Lamas, Portugal

  • Year: 2011-2018
  • Client: Nefrodouro, Centro Médico Douro S.A.
  • Area: 759.50 m²
  • Awards: Architecture Masterprize - Winner 2019

  • Location: Santa Maria de Lamas, Portugal
  • Category: Health and Education

The project’s ambition was to create a hemodialysis clinic that would make the medical procedure as simple and comfortable as possible for the users, creating a space markedly different from conventional city clinics.

The building has a parallelepipedic shape developed in two floors, one of them being half-buried. Public access to the clinic is through the highest point of the site and the service entrance is located at the lowest, on the north side of the lot. The clinical area is divided into two sectors, consultation and treatment, each with their own waiting room. The consultation sector consists of several doctor’s offices and a meeting room, while the open space treatment room is organized into three sectors, with two nursing stations.

The treatment room maximizes the harmony felt throughout the clinic, achieved through the use of white as the dominant color and via abundant natural daylight. Besides being a source of light, the expressive windows allow the patients to enjoy the surrounding green spaces, evoking the serenity that results from contact with nature.