Health and Education

Jean Piaget University Hospital

Luanda, Angola

  • Year: 2013
  • Client: Instituto Jean Piaget
  • Area: Hospital area: 19635 m²
    Technical area: 5232 m²
    University area: 4406 m²
  • Location: Luanda, Angola
  • Category: Health and Education

The Piaget University Hospital was designed to create a unitary building with a unique striking image. The proposed implantation sought to establish appropriate urban relations between the terrain topography and the proposed exterior arrangements.

The designed five storey building is composed of five floors above ground and one below ground for the covered technical areas. The building's implantation forms an eight-sided polygon and features a central open green ample space. The proposed monolithic building is based on an elevated platform that houses the ground floor and establishes the covered connection to the future university building.

Given the need to combine construction's functionality, efficiency and durability, it was decided to design a building constructed mostly of apparent white concrete. The facades, facing south and north, are dynamized by a pattern resulting from the sequence of full and empty spaces, by the effect of the concrete shading blades, and the cavities that the frames form on the facades. The east and west elevations form horizontal openings on the facade where the exterior spans are recessed, in order to produce effective shading.