Health and Education

Infante D. Pedro Hospital

Aveiro, Portugal

  • Year: 2010-2011
  • Client: Centro Hospitalar do Baixo Vouga
  • Area: 4.585 m² (49.353 sqft)
  • Location: Aveiro, Portugal
  • Category: Health and Education
The project consists of the rehabilitation and partial enlargement of the Hospital Infante D. Pedro, a district public hospital from the 1960, located in Aveiro, Portugal. The intervention was composed of two parts: the interior remodeling of two sectors – imaging and central surgery block – and the expansion of the technical area located on the second floor over the central surgery block.

The reformulation of the imaging sector was based on distinguishing the public circuit from the professional one. This sector’s program – served by the user's circuit – is composed of two rooms of computerized tomography with recovery area, sanitary facilities and common control room. In addition to this program, three ultrasound rooms and one mammography room, all with exclusive sanitary facilities, were built. The central surgery block is composed of five operating rooms – served by a common non-sterile hallway by which the material circulates –, as well as other support compartments.

In addition to this interior approach, and due to the need to increase the technical space located on the current central surgery block, another volume was proposed on the second floor, using a light metallic structure, coated with “Z” profiles of natural aluminum.