Health and Education

CUF Hospital

Porto, Portugal

  • Year: 2002-2010
  • Client: José de Mello Saúde
  • Area: 35.000 m² (376.739 sqft)
  • Location: Porto, Portugal
  • Bed capacity: 170
  • Awards Shortlisted Practice
    WAF World Architecture Festival 2010
    Health and Education

    Gold Winner
    APR - Architecture Press Release 2022
    Public Building Built

  • Category: Health and Education
The building is utterly compact and consists of two overlapping volumetric bodies. The upper volume is coated with glass and steel, being disjointed over a swing of eight meters on the more opaque body – made of concrete – which forms the base. The design simultaneously protects the entrance and moves away from the posterior area, where the street scale is smaller. The coating materials of the upper body provide brightness effects and hues of light that enrich their reading, as well as emphasize the volumetric differentiation inherent to the building design.