Health and Education

Constantine Anti-Cancer Center

Ali Mendjeli, Constantine, Algeria

  • Year: 2014
  • Client: Min. Défense Nationale Rep. Algérienne
  • Area: Hospital area: 14.710 m²
    Technical area: 2.842 m²
    Parking area: 5.310 m²
  • Floors above ground: 1
  • Floors below ground: 2
  • Bed capacity: 76
  • Location: Ali Mendjeli, Constantine, Algeria
  • Category: Health and Education

The land intended to receive the Anti-Cancer Center is located in the new city Ali Mendjeli in an urban site inside a military zone which houses the military hospital, a hotel and other military blocks to ensure control and Security. The plot intended to receive the anti cancer center has about 2.05 hectares (20.475,00m²).

The designed building is composed by three floors, a floor on the ground floor and two basement semi buried, which accompanies the slope of the ground which is very steep. The existing altimetric variation between the two ends of the land is 12 meters. Given these characteristics, the proposed building has a horizontal development and has a very extended deployment.

The new Anti-Cancer Center is a contemporary building, technological, human, with a balanced aesthetic, giving the entire hospital complex a new identity.

The building has a high quality in terms of natural lighting, taking into account this horizontal distribution, allowing large openings to the facades and several skylight strategically positioned in relation to the internal compartmentalization.