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S. Félix Marinha I


The project aims to concentrate the housing program releasing as much of the terrain as possible.

The building defines an urban front and acquires height so as to take advantage of the view over the sea.

The concentration of the program is dematerialized by the articulation of volumes, openings, materials and textures that exalt the different natures of the program and take advantage of the site characteristics.

The building is structured by an interior patio of significant dimensions that distributes the housing program both in height and per floor.

Considering the different floors, functions more related to common use are positioned closer to the street side, the remaining more private or noble areas are on the inner side of the lot, away from the street sounds.

In the basement we find the main service areas as garage, technical areas and the pool support annexes. On the ground floor, the main social spaces along with a patio allow the extension of the interior spaces through the exterior acting as an intermediary between the garden and the pool. The landscape is captured through large openings that frame and further extend the interior limits beyond their borders.

The 1st floor contains the most private housing areas, structured according to family hierarchy and usage. At the top, facing the interior of the plot, is the main suite. On the opposite side, facing the street, is a large multipurpose room that contours the patio. We can also find an indoor pool located in an annex to the building.

The house combines various color materials and components that are in harmony with each other, according to an intuitive design enriched by natural light.


Winner of the International Architecture Awards for Best New Global Design 2011






990 m²


Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal