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The plot is located in a rural area along a main road located in Tuías in Marco de Canaveses, in northern Portugal, bordered by a stone masonry wall, which is typical in the area and is assumed as a rural reminiscence.

The set of pre-existing buildings on-site has a structure in granite masonry wall and wood beams. The layout is defined by a “T” shaped composition of two overlapping buildings, probably built on a different timeline, that are distributed over two floors. The compartmentation of the upper floor was an indication of the habitational use that once existed. On the other hand, the ground floor served to accommodate agricultural functions. There was also a small granary.

The owner intends to carry out the expansion and remodelling of the existing building in order to respond to contemporary living requirements, simultaneously with functions to support the agricultural activity such as a wine cellar.

It was decided to demolish the granary allowing the building to be enlarged through a new volume, which will be located in the same area as the mentioned building. The housing program remains attached to the upper floor. The agricultural support compartments, as well as the garage and laundry, will be located on the lower floor.

The “H-plan” of the ensemble is defined by the new rectangular plan along with the pre-existing buildings. Two outer spaces are created between the parts of the building, which resemble interior patios although open on one side.

The approach provides for a better integration with the terrain, as well as being able to differentiate the constructions of different times with different constructive systems.

The pre-existing construction is intervened in its internal organization as well as in the openings design. These allow a better response to the new program as well as a better connection with the architectural set.






625 m²


Tabuaço, Portugal