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This project was based on the construction of two volumes raised on a common base, defining an L-shaped plan with a common basement level that functions as a link between the two volumes where parking spaces and laundries are located.

The building`s distribution is divided into eight and six single-family units, organized vertically throughout 4 floors - basement and 3 aboveground floors.

The interior of the complex is therefore a reserved area, which allows to provide patios on the ground floor for each house as well as a green space with pool for common use of the residents.

It was intended to relate the outer and inner spaces so the house could connect as much as possible with the surrounding environment. Therefore, both façades are endowed with large openings and balconies that also guarantee the individuality of each dwelling.

The main service areas - garage, laundry, toilet and a small patio - are located in the basement. On the ground floor we can find the main social spaces, where the living room is turned towards the interior of the complex. The private areas are located in the first and second floors, with the particularity of all rooms being served by balconies.




Prata e Filhos, Lda


5765 m²


Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal