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Parque Marechal


This housing complex is located in an area of great urban quality of the city of Porto determined by the proximity to Avenida Marechal Gomes da Costa and the characteristics of the urban network, spaces and equipment of public use in its surroundings.

The volumes implantation in the posterior and east areas of the terrain allowed to preserve the continuity of the best existing tree species. This green space between the buildings is therefore a reserved zone of common use to the twelve houses, allowing the creation of patios to each dwelling at the ground level.

The program of each house is developed throughout four floors, each with complementary functions, although with some autonomy and specificity. In the basement we can find the garage, storage, technical areas and a laundry room with an outdoor drying area. The social program is located in the ground floor, such as the living/dining room, the kitchen and the patio which opens up to become an extension of the living room.

The 3-bedroom suites are located on the first floor. On the second floor we can find a bedroom with a closet and an exclusive balcony, a small living room and a spa which opens to the terrace.

The building was designed not only to be internally articulated but also to induce and generate paths between interior and exterior. It was designed with the aim to create relations between the various elements that are part of the construction, as well as the selection of the materials made according to their specific nature and within a sense of consistency.

The colors and textures chosen allow to obtain a great aesthetic unity and better integration of the set with the existing setting without compromising project`s identity.




Banif Gestão de Ativos - S.G.F.I.M, S.A.


5837 m²


Porto, Portugal