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Parking Garage (Cuf Hospital)


This underground parking garage with a capacity for 520 vehicles, works as a parking structure serving the award-winning Cuf Porto Hospital. The car park has been designed to suit the specific needs of the hospital visitors, including wide parking spaces for disabled people. The entrance and exit to the car park are separated and there is an internal one-way traffic system organizing the circuit as well as avoiding crossing of circulations between the entrances and exits, therefore simplifying and facilitating the visitors circuit.

The hospital plan allows to create a main vehicle access in the most favourable point of the north façade facing Circunvalação street. Two entry barriers and two other barriers for the exit of the vehicles are foreseen either for operational reasons (in case of failure of one of the equipment) or to reduce the time of the control operations at the entrance and exit of the vehicles. The exit has two options connecting to 2 distinct streets, one exit connecting to the north side, direct to the Circunvalação street, and another allowing exit to the south side, to Vila Nova street.

The car park is developed over 4 underground floors (basement 2, 3, 4 and 5). At the second basement level, apart from the parking program (89 seats) and respective access and exit of vehicles, are also located other segments of the hospital technical program.

The third and fourth basement levels host exclusively parking program, each of them comprising 153 parking spaces.

The fifth basement, containing 125 parking spaces, is reserved for hospital staff, also houses two columns of vertical access to the building, water tanks and fire network.

Regarding signage it was necessary to identify each level in order to guide pedestrians and vehicles as clearly as possible. 

The project, due to its simplicity, presents a spatial solution characterized by its flexibility and visual amplitude. The key criteria for this project were based on the practical, functional and constructive features conferring not only aesthetic consistency to the whole as well as ensuring its effective maintenance and consequent durability. The result materializes in a fluent structure.




José de Mello Saúde


18680 m²


Porto, Portugal