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The concept for the new Optimum Experience Center was to create an original space, clearly distinct from the other existing store’s type, where the customers could get to know the brand in a different way, as well as to experience its wide range of products and services. The idea was to make that possible through a more approachable and inviting store environment, in which the employees can interact with the customer in a closer, more reliable and trustworthy way.

The store has several distinct areas, such as the Product Highlight Area, which is located near the entrance, assuming a central position allowing it to grab the customers’ attention, placing there some of the top sales products, the Customer Service Area, in a clear and direct view of who enters the store, and the Merchandising Area, complemented with several display fixtures, all throughout the store, showcasing several products with which anyone can interact.

Apart from these more sales-oriented zones, there are other sections of the store meant to attract the customer into the store: the Home Area, intended to simulate a home-like environment, in which you can experience some products and their interface as if you are at your own home; the Kids/Gaming Area, that distinguishes itself from the rest of the store and thought as an appealing space where children can entertain and have fun, while their parents are talking with an employee; and the Internet Experience and Videowall Areas, where customers can try out Optimum’s internet service and apps both on small tablet screen or on a giant touch screen on the back wall of the store.

The store was designed to create an elegant and modern space, in a way that would relate to the new branding visual language, through LED strips on the floor, ceiling and furniture, giving it a more high-tech feel, along with modular solution for the walls, allowing the space to have a more versatile and flexible organization.




Altice U.S.A.


339 m²


New Jersey, USA