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Nefrodouro Dialysis Clinic



The proposed building has a parallelepipedic form, with two floors, on the highest elevation of the ground, allowing direct access to the clinic floor. The bottom floor of this body, half buried, has access from the lower part of the land, located on the north face of the lot. This is where the service / support compartments of strictly professional use are located, as well as the technical compartments inherent to the services of this equipment.

The clinical area, in turn, is divided into two sectors - consultation sector and treatment sector. The users entrance, at the upper floor level, communicates directly with a general reception, who in turn routes them to each of the sectors, equipped with a specific and independent waiting room and respective sanitary support. In the area of ​​Dialysis consultation are located several offices and a meeting room, which communicate directly with the waiting room of this sector. The dialysis treatment room works in "open space" and is divided into 3 sectors, each with its own nursing station. This room is amply lit naturally and communicates with a professional-only service circulation located on the back of the building. The circulation of professionals communicates with the two main sectors and establishes the connection with the lower floor through a stairway box and an elevator. In the lower floor are located the compartments of support to professionals of both sectors: the locker rooms, storage compartments and technical compartments. It is in this floor level that is located the entrance of personnel. Also, all loads and discharges of consumables and disposal of solid waste is made through a covered exterior space at the level of this floor with direct access to the street.




Nefrodouro, Centro Médico Douro S.A.


759.50 m²


Santa Maria de Lamas, Portugal