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Infante D. Pedro Hospital


The project consists of the remodelling and partial enlargement of a district public hospital from the 60´s named Hospital Infante D. Pedro located in Aveiro, Portugal.

This intervention is composed of two parts namely the interior renovation of two sectors - Imaging and Central Operation block with the gross area of 1569 m², and the expansion of the technical area located on the second floor over the Central Operating Block with a gross area of 1963 m².

The reformulation of the Imaging sector was based on the principle of separating the public circuit from the professional circuit so patients and staff access the sectors from different paths to improve efficiency. The program of this sector is composed of 2 rooms of computerized tomography with recovery area, control room and sanitary facilities, 1 remotely controlled X-Ray room with sanitary installation and 2 X-Ray rooms with control room. In addition to this program, it is planned to build 3 ultrasound rooms and 1 mammography room, all with exclusive sanitary facilities.

The Central Operative Block is composed of 5 operating rooms as well as other support compartments. The 5 rooms are served by a common non-sterile hallway through which the material for sterilization circulates.

Other than this interior intervention and because of the pressure to increase the technical support to the central operative block, we have also proposed another volume on the second floor using a very light metallic structure coated with "Z" profiles of aluminium on its natural color.




Centro Hospitalar do Baixo Vouga


Hospital area: 4190m²
Technical area: 394 m²


Aveiro, Portugal