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Heidelberg University Hospital


In order to design the project demand, as a result of the architectural competition for the University Hospital of Heidelberg, there was an attentive and thorough research in order to optimize the complex infrastructures for the expected frequent changes and innovations. However, we believe that architecture can´t be linked only to the program, even such a complex and ingenious program. We must go beyond the functional efficiency so that the architecture stands out as the determinant factor in the transformation of an environment reality, assuming lines of a unique and exclusive image. 
We intended to develop a functional building, with a calm and optimistic environment that is, above all, a place of life and joy.
It was also our goal to balance the necessarily large dimension of this building by creating a compensation between the built area and the exterior arrangements. 
In the construction ensemble, the individual buildings are connected. They do not claim the leading role which is intended to be associated with the green space - the central element of this urban composition.
The set of courtyards provide lighting for the rooms. The distance between the courtyards and their composition and proportions also serve as a basis for defining the green exterior spaces.
The relationship between the internal and external environments allows to provide all the nursing and service rooms with direct contact with green spaces which underlines the lightness and comfort of the whole.
The volumes can be defined as pavilions that inhabit the park. The relation of the volumes with the floor is predominantly open, transparent, almost translucent, providing the lightness that compensates the organizational densification of the lower floor.
The solution for the facades simulates a vertical continuation of the park through the use of foliage plants, which also allows to improve the thermic performance of the building.




Estado Baden-Württemberg


Hospital area: 76602 m²
University area: 6879 m²


Heidelberg, Germany