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Deloitte Porto


This project aims to consolidate 4 of different existent floors, in a single office, dedicated to the digital department of Deloitte.

The intervention resulted on the distinction of each plan, according to different themes, which are reflected in the material and chromatic options.

The Alice Garden floor, located in the 2nd basement, is full of color and dynamic, with a strong connection to outer space. In this floor are located the social spaces, like the gaming room, dining room, auditorium and exterior garden.

In the 1st basement is located the Red Acer floor that is assumed as the main floor for meetings. This space has a tree that functions as a “meeting point”, and symbol of space for reflection.

The ground floor is the Olive Tree floor which is the access floor. It functions as reception space, combining several shades of green, the main color of Deloitte Digital. Space fluidity is enhanced by using separating structures of organic design and neutral colors.

Going up to the 1st floor we find the Eden floor, the idyllic space with lighter materials, which seeks to offer users a state of reflection, concentration and creativity.






1205 m²


Porto, Portugal