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Deloitte Lisboa


This building was designed to provide comfort, quality and new technological solutions to customers and visitors, but also to provide a favorable environment for professionals who produce solutions to the growing demands of customers seeking the services offered by Deloitte.

The definition of spaces is based on the development of different environments endowed with characteristics in terms of architecture and interior design, as well as technologic.

The building has a welcome zone used as a reception for visitors with connection to a lounge area, enhancing audio-visual links and presentation of multimedia contents involving visitors in a cutting-edge environment and technological modernity.

The attention to detail is reflected in the choice and the combination of different material and chromatic options as well as the scrupulous design for pieces of furniture that relate and compose the space, inviting visitors to walk through the different areas of the building while immersing themselves in an intense environment of audio-visual dynamics.

The versatility and adaptability of the spaces was a dominant factor and common to all parts of the building, thus enabling flexible and customizes solutions to each client.

The existence of a demonstration / presentation area allows to perform sessions to clients, partners or colleagues in the international practice of Deloitte and should allow up to 30 people in a work session. The presence of several screens will allow the visualization of several presentations simultaneously.

Meeting rooms have several capacities and some are contiguous and flexible which allows them to be transformed into larger spaces.

The working zones were designed as open spaces with desks designed to create a more profitable space, enhancing the relationship between the different professionals. The building also has other support areas with facilities for employees such as a cooking and lounge area. Informal areas for meetings, conversations or just for reflection, are complementary to the workspaces.






1867 m²


Lisboa, Portugal