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Critical Software Porto


The pre-existing building where EDP’s former facilities were located, presents itself as a sober façade of orthogonal mesh of aluminum lines and glass plans that reinforce the verticality of the building while conferring elegance and presence to the urban profile.

The generous glass openings allow the homogeneous illumination of the different floors of the building that now houses Critical Software Porto's office. The 6-story building’s renovation and redesign project consisted of floor removal and expansion, introduction of new partition walls and ceilings, rehabilitation of all carpentries as well as technical and electrical installations. The intervention aimed to promote large spaces, visually continuous, although responding to a spatial division according to the indicated program. The verticality is enhanced by unique iron tubes elements that line up in partitions for the working rooms of the different floors and have different chromatic finishes, thus contributing to the visual identity of these 3 floors of the building.

The subtle floor material changes allows to reinforce the differentiation of spaces without compromising their permeability.

The spaces benefit from existing glass openings taking not only a strong advantage of natural lighting, but also from the visual contact with the exterior. It is possible to enjoy in full the relationship with the surroundings and the architectural environment of the city on the top floor of the building where window frames were replaced, favoring access to the outside terrace from where it is possible to see some of the emblematic buildings of the city of Porto.

The workstations are organized in open space mode, equipped with light finishes, allowing the dynamics between work teams. The meeting rooms are contoured with glass walls allowing to preserve their privacy while maintaining the visual extension of space.




Critical Software, SA


1808 m²


Porto, Portugal