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Constantine Anti-Cancer Center



The land intended to locate the Anti-Cancer Center is placed in the new city of Ali Mendjeli, in an urban environment, inside a military zone which houses the Military Hospital, a Hotel and other military buildings that ensure control and Security. The parcel intended to receive the Anti-Cancer Center has about 2.05 hectares (20.475,00m²),

The designed building is composed by 3 floors: one floor on arriving ground level and two semi-buried floors that face the opposite side of the plot, accompanying the deep slope of the ground which is very steep. The existing altimetric variation between the two limits of the parcel is 12 meters. Given these characteristics, the proposed building has a "horizontal" development and a very extended spreading.

The Anti-Cancer Center was carefully studied to be functionally very efficient and optimized, but still near to the human scale as horizontal distribution shows. This effect was also made possible by the fact that a large part of the program was developed in semi-buried floors, perfectly integrated with the ground where the building is located.

The Anti-Cancer Center project proposes a building that has a very careful relationship with the topography, and a discreet presence to the main access street.

The new Anti-Cancer Center is a contemporary building, technological, human, with a balanced aesthetic, approaching the entire hospital complex with a new identity concept.

The natural lighting of the building was achieved through the use of large openings on the facades, taking on account his horizontal distribution and the strategic position of skylights according to internal composition.

The proposed implantation of the project aimed to establish appropriate relationships with other existing urban buildings, topography and existing outdoor amenities. The main entrance has been upgraded to the more favourable altimetry of the central access street, giving direct access to the interior of the building and the car park.




Min. Défense Nationale Rep. Algérienne


Hospital area: 14710 m²
Technical area: 2842 m²
Parking area: 5310 m²


Constantine, Algeria