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Cabelte BT Industrial Unit


The industrial unit Cabelte BT is located in a building plot with 18081m² inserted in an industrial complex. It is a terrain that has a slope of about 1.70m along its length.

This industrial unit, dedicated to the production of electrical wiring, complements a pre-existing unit - Cabelauto - located in the adjacente land.

The present project proposes a single volume with about 9.70m high, where all segments of the program are organized. At the ground floor we can find the main area dedicated to the production where all the machinery inherent to the activity of manufacture of electric cables is located. The storage and shipping spaces as well as the technical area of ​​this industrial unit are also located on the ground floor of the building. The administrative sector, the quality control laboratory, the dressing rooms and the workers canteen, are located on the first floor. In total this building has 11816 m² of gross construction area.

Considering the constructive system adopted for the construction of this complex, in terms of the structure we find the metal profiles and, at the level of the outer coatings, we find lacquered steel "sandwich" panels with thermal insulation inside.

The foundation of this building was built of reinforced concrete, which was kept apparent.

These constructive options made possible a high quality both constructive and comfort, in an almost integral pre-fabrication process, which allowed the fast construction of this unit.




Wall Space - Sociedade Imobiliária S.A.


18380 m²


Famalicão, Portugal