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Andresas viaduct


The project is part of the construction of a new avenue inserted in the urban network of the west side of the city of Porto. The viaduct was designed as a totally metallic structure that allows to overcome in a single element the distance between the two sides of the VCI (the city's main thoroughfare) at this point (84m) while reinforcing the visual impact of the new avenue located on the upper platform.
The metallic construction made it possible not only to shorten the construction times but also to have a minimal impact on the operation on the thoroughfare (all structure was built on the adjacent terrain and later moved to its current location). On the other hand, it was our conviction that the solution of a metallic structure would allow to develop in a more adapted way the concepts of urban integration of which we wanted to endow the viaduct.
The structure develops as two large beams composed of simple elements that introduce tridimensionality as well as creates the perception of an enclosed space.
All the structural parts used are made from tubular elements that articulate through nodal connections.
The viaduct lanes are located in the interior space defined by the two beams. The pedestrian paths are positioned along the viaduct in the inner space of the longitudinal beams.




G.O.P. – Gestão de Obras Públicas E.M.


25 800,00 m²


Porto, Portugal