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This project is located in the historic Santos Pousada street, next to Campo 24 de Agosto, in the city of Porto, where once existed the biscuit factory Alfa Cookies, today replaced by a charismatic and singular residential building. Nowadays we can find this renovated building that houses a new use although taking advantage of some elements of the architectural heritage that brings us back to the industrial heritage of this area of ​​the city of Porto.

The old factory founded in 1874, owned by António Joaquim de Andrade Villares, is now transformed into a housing complex, distributed in 2 parallel blocks, with two to four bedrooms apartment typologies, duplex and simplex.

The implantation of the building comes from a reinterpretation of the city block, organizing the urban profiles of the two parallel buildings. It establishes a physical division from the north part of the complex through a fence wall that extends around the whole intervention area, defining the limits of the patios and extending the expression of the remaining building.

The two volumes have different connections with the street. The side facing Santos Pousada street respects the existing alignment by recovering the façade, while the back of the building establishes the patios as a classical solution. The project started from a distribution scheme and evolved to make the most of the pathway that leads the user through the garden connecting the old factory entrance to the main staircase.

The apartments located below the street level have luminous patios facing south.

The architectural expression of the roof, consisting of a two floors rounded dome of aluminium blades, respond to the problem of articulating technical volumes with the housing volume, while providing an unique identity to the complex from an aesthetic point of view.




Abílio de Sá - empreendimentos Imobiliários, S.A.


21923 m²


Porto, Portugal