Wed, 24 February 2021

Quinta da Vilarinha houses construction is moving into the final stretch

Currently in construction, the Quinta da Vilarinha project consists of four single-family houses. After the construction of the first house, in 2007, the project was optimized, trying to reduce some areas but maintaining the quality and spatiality of this first lot.

The four row houses are characterized by its connection to the outside spaces that surround them, through patios, pools, terraces, and the openings that frame the green landscape.

The ground floor of each house is characterized by the close connection of the main social spaces of the house with the outside areas. The kitchen proves to be a space of great importance, both for its size and for the connection to the dining space. The living room is marked by the large spans facing the rear patio and the unevenness of three steps in relation to the rest of the floor. All houses have a swimming pool, although they are all different, which enhances the use of the exterior spaces and inevitably also ends up marking the interior spatiality of the ground floor.

Three of the houses are already finished, and the completion of the remaining lot is expected to be in the beginning of the second quarter of this year.

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