Tue, 27 April 2021

Ancorensis’ construction to start next month

Developed in the old school complex “Ancorensis” in Vila Praia de Âncora, Caminha, this elderly residence structure presents itself as an innovative geriatric support project at the same time offering a permanent, temporary, and touristic stay for the senior generation.

The Residence will have a capacity of 120 people, with wide, individual, and double bedrooms. The project also contemplates the construction of one-bedroom apartments – for people who want to experience the collective benefits while maintaining their autonomy – a day center for 30 users, home support services for 50 users, a gym, a library, leisure spaces, and a parking lot.

The presentation made last Saturday, April 24th, highlighted the functionality of the project, which will keep the current exterior structure while also creating new green zones, enhancing the connections with the outdoors, and calling attention to the distinct entrances of each area.

After two years of work and cooperation, the project was finally licensed, receiving praises from Miguel Alves, Mayor of Caminha. The construction works will start in May, and the conclusion is set for 2023.