Thu, 30 January 2020

Arcádia reopens in Porto downtown with a new look

Arcádia’s iconic shop in downtown Porto has just reopened with a fresh new look with Ventura + Partners’ signature.

We can feel the store’s soul from the street: the refurbished shop window unveils the store’s interior, while allowing more sunlight through. The expansion of the store ‒ which now occupies the area previously used as a tea room ‒ gives the space a more fluid and yet monumental character. The furniture design is based on Arcádia’s identity and legacy with a modern flair.

With user experience as the cornerstone of the entire project, we aimed to develop a welcoming atmosphere with a self-service spirit, providing visitors with more power and freedom. A demonstration space where customers can witness closely the artfully craft of almonds was also created.

Through new materials and modern solutions, a proximity environment was created in which modernity, history and the art of chocolate intersect to reach a common goal: customer satisfaction. View project