Mon, 29 April 2019

From Carrara to Essenza

From the Roman emperors, through Michelangelo to the present day, those looking for the best marble know where to find it: Carrara. Located in north-western Tuscany, Carrara is integrated in a province that extends from the Apuan Alps coast, between the mountains and the Mediterranean Sea.

Carrara quarries resemble a parallel universe: delicate and severe; natural and industrial; beautiful and bizarre; and immensely white. Here are extracted some of the most valuable stones on the planet, that lend their beauty, refinement and delicacy to the four corners of the world.

In September, Ventura + Partners traveled to Carrara, together with the supplier, Mercado da Pedra, and the client, Desafios Geniais, to choose the marble that would be applied in Essenza’s bathrooms. The blocks were brought from Italy, cut, treated and fully prepared in Portugal by our supplier and the application has already started.

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